Xiaomi's Upcoming New Products

Today, Xiaomi is well-known for its mobile manufacturing in the world. But many are still unfamiliar with that and those who know, they don't know about the products of Xiaomi. It has been selling its products through Mi store. Recently, Mi A1 has proved worthy of money.
On the other hand, some new products have been started to show up on Amazon and are set to launch before the holiday. These include a 360-degree Mi Sphere Camera, a Mi Robot builder kit, a battery bank, a pair of headphones, and a pair of earbuds. 

1) 360-degree Mi Sphere Camera
A 360-degree Mi Sphere Camera costs $299.99. It records a 360-degree panorama at 23.99 MP. IP67 rating for dust and water resistance and has six-axis stabilization. It supports two shooting modes, 2304 x 1152 at 60 fps or 3456 x 1728 at 30 fps.
2) Mi Power Bank Pro

Xiaomi has launched its 10000mAh Mi Power Bank Pro with USB Type-C in India. Priced at Rs. 1,999, the new Mi Power Bank Pro was unveiled in China earlier this year. It sports an a…

Deleted Messages can be read on WhatsApp: Few things you must know

WhatsApp recently released its new feature Delete for Everyone that means you can delete messages sent mistakenly by you. It works for both individual and group chats. Here are few things which you must know about the latest feature.

Available for both Android and iOS - Users need to update their WhatsApp Messenger.Can be revoked within 7 minutes of sending the message after which this feature will not be available.The user has the option to delete the message for sender and receiver.The receiver will know you have deleted a message.The user will not be notified if deleting for everyone was not successful.

5#techNews-Black Friday Sale, Google Play Games,Amazon Chromecast App

Welcome to the 5th episode of Tech News. Here are some latest updates regarding Facebook, Google, Xiaomi, Nokia and much more. Have a look...

1) Facebook Stories Messenger

The two formats, i.e., Stories and Messenger which existed separately until now are going to merge soon as announced on the Facebook. This means whenever you post a Story on Facebook it will automatically show in Messenger as well and vice-versa.

2) Amazon Music App

Amazon recently added Google Chromecast support in its Music App that means you'll now be able to play Amazon Music tracks through your Chromecast enabled devices using your Android phone.

3) Justice League in Android Pay

Now, whenever you make any purchase with Android Pay, the Justice League movie characters will pop up on your screen. Google has teamed up with the creators of new Justice League movie and is bringing five superheroes to the app: the Batman, Wonder Woman, Cyborg, Aquaman and Flash. So get your seatbelts tied as it will be coming in nex…

Some Funny Projects Based On Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi is a credit card sized computer over which various models can be made. Here is listed some of the funny and interesting projects which one can use in their day-to-day life.Most of the projects listed are linked with which provides step by step instructions on how to execute any project.
1) Whatsapp All of you must be familiar with Whatsapp. Firstly, you all need the latest version of Raspbian, then by using few lines of code from Yowsup python library you'll have to access Whatsapp client.
Here's the code for this...
2) Personal Assistant If you have with yourself an odd Raspberry Pi and an intercom box, then you could have your own personal assistant or an illusion of it.
Hey Veronica...
3) Minecraft You can make a Minecraft server from Raspberry Pi so that you and your friends can play together from wherever they are in the world.
Make your Minecraft server...
4) A Smile Detector Apple has introduced Face ID in their iPhone X. Facebook and Google hav…

4#TechNews-MTech Phone, Stellar Zombie,Winter iPhone X, Beyerdynamic DT240 HP

1) M-Tech Rs 899 Phone

A domestic mobile manufacturer M-Tech has recently launched M-Tech G24 which comes with a front-facing camera to let you capture selfies. Resembling NOKIA 3310, durable plastic body, it comes with large oval shaped keys that let you type and text comfortably. It comes with a 1.8-inch QVGA display and comes with a VGA camera at the rear as well. The phone supports five languages including English, Hindi, Kannada, Telugu and Bengali. The device supports microSD cards up to 16GB in size. The feature phone comes with a Mp3 player, a Mp4 player and wireless FM radio for entertainment. You can record both audio and video on the handset. There’s an auto call recording feature on board as well. Just like most feature phones, the G24 also comes with a torch LED flashlight. The handset is fuelled by a 1,000mAh battery, which is capable of delivering seven hours of talk time and 300 hours of standby time. In terms of connectivity, it offers dual-SIM slots and Bluetooth.

2) …

3#TechNews-OnePlus 5T, JBL Speakers, Xiaomi Shaver, Billion Phone, Artificial Skin

1) Lab-Grown Skin

A boy who nearly died from a rare skin disease has recovered thanks to an experimental treatment, his doctors announced this week. The treatment? Giving their young patient new skin using genetically modified stem cells.Doctors took a small square of healthy skin from a non-blistering part of Hassan's body, and De Luca's lab in Italy used that skin to create the genetically corrected stem cells that they could grow into sheets of skin for grafting. Those sheets, which looked like clear plastic, were successfully transplanted over 80 percent of Hassan’s body during several surgeries at Ruhr University in Bochum in October and November 2015. After a month, most of the transplanted skin had started to regenerate.

2)Xiaomi Shaver

Xiaomi has added yet another product to its MIJIA lineup. The product is the MIJIA Portable Electric Shaver whose upper body is made of aluminium anodization technology. The body shell is made of anodized aluminium sandblasted. The thicknes…